Terminates termites

Stop insects and decay mold from ruining your wooden structures

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Borasmart stops termites and mold in their tracks before they can damage your wood.

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Eliminates Formosan subterranean termites and other termites

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Prevents decay mold build-up

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Designed for above ground, interior construction

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Noncorrosive to hardware, even in areas of high relative humidity

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Can be painted

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Lumber moisture content is less than 19%

Proven performance

Borasmart’s borate retention surpasses norms set by the American Wood Protection Association.

4.5 kg/m3


for areas subjected to Formosan subterranean termite activity.

2.7 kg/m3


for areas NOT SUBJECTED to Formosan subterranean termite activity.

* B2O3 equivalent. Retention level vary from one specie to another. See the Borasmart retention table for more details.

Take advantage
of a practical solution

We make it easy for you to benefit from the most high-performance termite- and mold-prevention wood treatment on the market.

  • High-production capacity
  • Have your wood treated in our facilities or purchase lumber already treated
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Available in all lengths up to 24 ft.
  • Standard-size wrapped bundles

No need
for drying wood twice

Boralife’s sophisticated, patented wood treatment process is based on what actually exists in nature. We produce dry-treated lumber directly, without second drying and without energy waste.

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It’s not just a wood treatment. It’s Boralife!

Boralife is an entirely new approach to treating wood against insects, mold and providing fire retardancy where natural sodium borate and the very essence of wood work together to perform quickly and over time. Boralife. Innovation for a safer tomorrow.

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